Top 5 Backlink analyzer tools to use for SEO

Getting the SEO Birmingham means that you are going to pay attention to every little detail. One of these very important details is the backlinking that has a huge impact on the performance and results of SEO hard work. getting the right and high-quality backlinks can help your website a lot when you are getting the best SEO Birmingham services.

However, sometimes finding the right ones is not that easy. In this case, getting some help from the backlink analyzer tools is the right choice as it is a very efficient solution.

The Top 5 Backlink analyzer tools to use for SEO

So, if you are looking to use the backlink analyzer tools then the following 5 will make the best choice for you.

Majestic SEO

There are a lot of backlink analysis tools that SEO Experts usually recommend but when we want the best results the Majestic SEO is the best choice. It is a tool that can help you with the information that is not taken from any third-party service, instead, it uses its crawlers to get things done.

It is the reason why it provides very productive results and SEO Experts recommend this one as the best tool for getting to know about the SEO backlinks that your competitors are using.


Ahrefs is the backlink analysis tool that you can start for free, and the reason SEO Experts recommend it is that it provides a lot of value. It provides data and information about the link along with everything that you may need. The best part is that if you like the free service, you can try the paid services for even in-depth data about the backlinks.

Open Site Explorer

While your backlinks make an important part of your White Label SEO the Open Site Explorer can help you with its best tools that make it a massive successful tool in the search marketing world. It makes sure to always provide the most authentic results with updated links and all other related information.

Google Search Console

Who does not know about Google? It provides its amazing services in every matter and also in White Label SEO services. The backlink analysis tool of Google Search Console provides results by working on the traffic and links to your site with the better ones that you can use. In this way, you can easily keep the links with the best performance.


With SEMrush your White Label SEO services can become a lot easier. Here you can enter a URL and you can also track multiple competitors for better backlink analysis. However, you need to start with the paid services to get the best experience.


While dealing with things all by yourself can be a little difficult, getting help from the backlink analyzer can make things very easy and efficient. One thing that you need to make sure of is that you are using the right backlink analysis tools for your SEO Birmingham services. Here we were discussing the 5 best options that you can select without having any doubt about the performance of these tools.